Jamie Nervo

My work depicts life’s everyday events and characters with a twist, masking the harsh realities of life and focusing instead on the positive and light-hearted issues we encounter each day. We are bombarded with negative imagery and events that echo over and over in our minds. My whimsical, satirical work shuts out those unsavory events and looks at life in a patchwork of pleasant ideas and color. The strongest influences in my work are family, friends, strangers, and the neighbor next door. Observing people is the event that fuels my ideas. You could be my next victim!

Jamie Nervo’s need for art started as a kid. Her father was in the military, she is the oldest of seven children and spent her younger years moving every three years. The joy of creating art was the one thing that followed her throughout her travels. Jamie attended Centenary College in New Jersey for two years, then the Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y. where she was introduced to Photo Styling. She spend the next eight years working in N.Y. as just that, gathering props and designing sets for advertisements. In 1989 she got married which brought her to Norfolk where she studied Fine Art at Old Dominion University. Ron Snap, Ernie Mauer, and Robert McCullough (professors at ODU) encouraged her to keep creating these whimsical pieces.

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